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As Airless Bottle, 10ml/15ml/20ml/30ml, Cosmetic Airless Bottle for Skincare

Model: SWC-BAA10RI-1/ SWC-BAA15RI-1/ SWC-BAA20RI-1/ SWC-BAA30RI-1 Categories: , ,

Infuse your skincare range with unparalleled sophistication using our AS airless cosmetic bottles, from 10ml to 30ml, catering to suit every need.

Perfectly tailored for premium skincare formulations, these bottles ensure your product is stored and dispensed with the utmost precision and efficacy.

The airless technology guarantees minimal wastage and ensures product freshness, making every application as potent as the first.

Besides, crafted from the finest AS material, each bottle resonates with clarity and durability that speaks to your brand’s commitment to quality.

From a petite 10ml to a more generous 30ml, we cater to diverse product needs without compromising aesthetic appeal.

And the airless cosmetic bottles come with a plethora of customization options at your disposal, from color matching to metalizing. Overall, contact us today and invest in them.

Bottle material


Customized Option

1.Color matching.

2.Silk screening.

3.UV Spray Frosting.

4.Hot stamping.



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