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Acrylic Cream Jar, 30ml 50ml Luxury Refillable Double Wall Plastic Acrylic Cosmetic Face Cream Jar for Skin Care

Model: SWC-JA30WZ/SWC-JA50WZ Categories: , ,

Detail for acrylic cream jar

Capacity:  30ml, 50ml

Size: H53.3*D66mm

Material:  Outer bottle for acrylic, inner bottle for PP, gasket for PP, PP cap

Customized Option:

  1. Color matching.
  2. Silk screening.
  3. UV Spray Frosting.
  4. Hot stamping.
  5. Mentalizing

SOMEWANG’s 50ml and 100ml luxury refillable double wall plastic acrylic cream jar are perfect for packaging high-end skincare products. These cream jars are made of high-quality, double-walled acrylic, which offers several advantages over traditional single-walled jars.

The double-walled design provides superior insulation, which helps to keep the product inside at a consistent temperature. This is especially important for skincare products that contain active ingredients that can break down when exposed to heat or light. The double walls also provide added protection against external factors, such as impact and air exposure, which can compromise the quality of the product.

The acrylic material used in these jars is highly durable and shatter-resistant, making them ideal for travel and shipping. The acrylic cream jars are also refillable, which is not only more eco-friendly than disposable packaging but also allows customers to keep using their favorite products without having to purchase a new container every time.

The 50ml and 100ml sizes are perfect for a range of skincare products, from moisturizers and serums to masks and eye creams. The jars come with an elegant, luxurious design that will complement any skincare brand. The clear acrylic walls allow the product inside to be visible, creating a beautiful display that will appeal to customers.

In summary, SOMEWANG’s 50ml and 100ml luxury refillable double wall plastic acrylic cream jar are an excellent choice for skincare brands looking for high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly packaging. The double-walled design offers superior insulation and protection, while the refillable feature allows for a sustainable and cost-effective option for customers. With an elegant design and clear acrylic walls, these jars are sure to make an attractive display for any skincare product.


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