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70ml Amber PET Plastic Bottle with Pump Dispenser for Cleansing Oils and Facial Serums, Leak-Proof and Light-Protective (2.3 oz)

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70ml amber plastic bottle pump dispenser for travel-friendly precise dispensing of cleansing and treatment facial oils. Leak-proof and protects light-sensitive skincare ingredients.

  • This 70ml amber PET plastic bottle comes with a convenient pump dispenser that is ideal for dispensing cleansing oils and skin treatment serums.
  • The 2.3oz bottle holds a generous amount of product while still being a nice compact size that is easy to store and travel with.
  • The amber-colored plastic helps protect light-sensitive skincare formulas by blocking UV rays that can degrade ingredients over time.
  • The treatment pump dispenses just the right amount of product for each use without any mess or waste. It provides precise dosage control so you use just what you need.
  • The leak-proof, airtight pump also prevents spills so your oil stays fresh.
  • This useful bottle with a dispenser pump is great for holding and dispensing all kinds of lightweight cleansing and treatment oils.


Bottle Material :




Customized Option:

1.Color matching.
2. Silk screening.
3. UV Spray Frosting.
4. Hot stamping.
5. Metalizing.


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