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42mm foam pump bottle-100ml, 120m, 150ml, 175ml, 200ml.

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Explore a diverse range of 42mm foam pump bottles, including 100ml, 120m, 150ml, 175ml, and 200ml foam pump bottles to suit diverse needs.

Each bottle is meticulously crafted, ensuring the content remains fresh and dispensable. For those seeking a compact choice, our 100ml variant stands at a height of 82mm, ensuring it fits seamlessly in handbags and travel kits.

Scaling up, we offer options at 120ml, 150ml, and 175ml, with heights of 91mm, 109mm, and 115mm, respectively.

And for those who desire a generous capacity, the 200ml foam pump bottle stands tall at 129mm, making it perfect for prolonged use.

Besides, all these bottles have a consistent diameter of 47mm and a neck size of 42mm, ensuring a uniform look across the range. Hence, contact us today and add them to your inventory.


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