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Mist Sprayer Pump, 24/410, 24mm, All Plastic

Model: SWC-SFP241A Categories: , ,

Discover the efficiency and versatility of our mist sprayer pump, featuring a 24/410 neck size and durable all-plastic construction.

This highly efficient mist sprayer pump is designed with a 24/410 neck size and a durable 24mm all-plastic construction, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Crafted from high-quality PP material, it delivers a precise output of 0.12CC, providing a fine and consistent mist for your desired applications.

Customization is key, as we offer options for color matching and metalizing, allowing you to personalize and elevate the aesthetics of your products.

Overall, choose our spray pump for its reliability, functionality, and versatility. Contact us today!


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