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1oz 2oz 4oz Pe Bottle With Twist-up Cap

Model: AS-BE20L120AB Categories: ,

Elevate product presentation with these meticulously crafted PE bottles, ranging from compact 1 oz plastic bottles to the more substantial 4 oz.

Designed with precision, each bottle boasts a twist-up cap for effortless use, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are met.

The AS-BE20L30AB ‘s sleek dimensions of D29.4*72.5mm perfectly encapsulate its 1 oz content, while the AS-BE20L60AB offers a more robust 2 oz space within its D35*94mm body.

Not to be outdone, our AS-BE20L120AB, at D40.2*121.7mm, houses a generous 4 oz. Plus, all bottles maintain a uniform neck size of 20/410, ensuring compatibility and brand coherence.

To sum up, contact us today and invest in these 1 oz plastic bottles to 4 oz.


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