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Portable 18ml/25ml Spray Bottle – Lightweight and Durable | Customizable Options

Model: SWC-BT22L18A,SWC-BT22L25A Categories: ,

The 18ml/25ml Spray Bottle Portable is a lightweight and durable solution for carrying liquids on the go. With customizable options, these bottles are perfect for perfume, hand sanitizer, and more.

The 18ml/25ml Spray Bottle Portable is a convenient and portable solution for carrying your favorite liquids on the go. Made from PET material, these bottles are lightweight and durable. The bottles feature a full plastic cap, ensuring that your liquids are securely sealed inside. With dimensions of D26*H60.5mm for the 18ml bottle and D26*H75.5mm for the 25ml bottle, they are compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket.


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