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15/30/50/100ml Superior Quality AS Material Airless Pump Bottle

Model: SWC-BAA15CQ/30CQ/50CQ/100CQ Categories: , ,

Experience the unparalleled quality of the customizable AS material airless pump bottle by Somewang, an airless bottle supplier, perfect for modern packaging needs.

Designed for the discerning consumer, this bottle spans a variety of sizes, from the nimble 15ml to a substantial 100ml.

With each bottle, whether it’s the petite SWC-BAA15CQ or the grand SWC-BAA100CQ, we bring precision and quality assurance.

The durability and elegance make it a top choice in the market. Furthermore, we offer a multitude of customization options. From color matching to silk screening, UV spray frosting to hot stamping, and even metalizing, we’ve got it all.

Consequently, contact us today and trust us as your airless bottle supplier.


Plastic Bag and Then in Export Carton

Customized Option

1.Color matching.

2.Silk screening.

3.UV Spray Frosting.

4.Hot stamping.



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