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100ml HDPE Cylinder Shape Bottle,Natural Color

Model: SWC-BE100AB/SWC-BE100AC Categories: ,

Raise your wholesale profile with Somewang’s 100ml HDPE cylinder shape bottle in natural color, offering two distinct sizes and weights.

The bottle comes in two distinct sizes, D39*123mm weighing 13g and D41*83mm weighing 11g. This variety allows you to diversify your product line without compromising on style or quality.

Its material is pure, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), chosen for durability and premium feel.

But the customization doesn’t end there. You can opt for an array of specialized treatments, be it color matching, silk screening, UV spray frosting, hot stamping, or metalizing, to set your brand apart.

Hence, contact us today and add our cylinder shape bottle to your inventory.

Bottle material


Customized Option

1.Color matching.

2.Silk screening.

3.UV Spray Frosting.

4.Hot stamping.



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