ABL-putket valkoisella läppäkorkilla – halkaisija 25 mm – MOQ 30000 kpl

Malli: SWC-AD2515B Luokat: ,

25mm diameter abl tubes made from soft ABL tube materials, decorated with offset printing and featuring a white flip cap. FOB port at Ningbo, lead time of 20 days, MOQ of 30000pcs.

  • The abl tubes from our factory are 25mm diameter, made from soft ABL tube materials and decorated with offset printing, and feature a white flip cap.
  • These tubes are perfect for a variety of applications, and are of the highest quality.
  • Our reliable manufacturing process and careful quality inspections ensure that each abl tube is exactly as specified.
  • They have an FOB port at Ningbo and a lead time of 20 days, with a minimum order quantity of 30000pcs.



20 päivää


30000 kpl


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