Cooperation between Cosmetic Brands and Art Circles

In cooperation with the Louvre, MARIE DALGAR makes color add a touch of artistic imagination.

Art always makes people feel that it is a luxury.

But in the eyes of an artist, the unique embroidery on the neckline of your clothes, a pair of innocent and smart eyes, and even a small flower on the street can all become artistic inspirations. Art is the most important thing for people to express a unique and individual beauty.

Some wise people and talented people always like to blend their souls and personalities in their works. And there is a brand that has been committed to integrating art into products and encouraging consumers to show different beauty and individual beauty.

This brand is MARIE DALGAR. Recently, MARIE DALGAR and the Louvre Museum in Paris will cooperate.

MARIE DALGAR & Louvre Art Limited Series launched the art limited series officially launched. This time working with the Louvre, they focused their attention on the sculpture “Goddess of Victory”, one of the three treasures of the Louvre Town Palace. This limited series includes three main products.

Cavalier lipstick Louvre limited edition: It is called a lipstick with wings by consumers. The raised wings above the tube are exquisitely depicted to 0.5mm. Each feather is lifelike and agile; the classic bounce design continues the knight’s sword-like sassyness; different from the knight series, this lipstick uses velvet beyond the peak The matte texture perfectly presents a new height of color saturation.

The Louvre Limited Edition 900 mesh: Maridella created 987 original 987-hole bionic film, plus the exclusive makeup egg, subverting the efficiency of base makeup.

Art Eyeshadow Palette Louvre Limited Edition: It is divided into two series of colors, earth brown and warm rose. The color matching of each style emphasizes that a plate is versatile and easy to use. Open the lid of the box lightly, and the small color blocks on one side have a special idea: the undulating vortex, the dense grid, the spiral pattern, like this all-inclusive, crossing time, witnessing the time of the Louvre The same, there is a hint of mystery and hidden time.

MARIE DALGAR speaks in her own way, using art and products to tell the public what is the beauty of personality. As a new art makeup brand, this is not the first time that Maridella has collaborated with the art circle. For example, hold Marie Daijia’s art exhibition of the spirit of the world, such as supporting and sponsoring art exhibitions such as the Kusama Yayoi Exhibition.

In 2019, MARIE DALGAR and the famous Polka dot grandmother Yayoi Kusama co-created the “Gift Collection of Love”, this love motto is popular among fans.

In addition, Maridella’s “brain incidents” include, for example, the color vending machines that have been tossed out, creating phenomenal queuing events in major shopping malls, and they have also been promoted by Ali as a typical case of new retail.

Searching in art, and discovering in play, whether it is the artistic MARIE DALGAR or the MARIE DALGAR who dares to play and know how to play, the brand has been striving to express the purest and purest self in everyone’s heart for so many years.

In this era when everyone is “net celebrity check-in”, it wants to let the public regain their personality and discover the “essence of beauty” in some special forms.

The crossover between MARIE DALGAR and the Louvre is not so much a make-up product that will make you beautiful, but a work that gives you beautiful expectations and triggers your unlimited imagination. Just as the declaration of cooperation between the two parties: “A tribute to the unparalleled imagination”.

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