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What is PCR Plastic & Why Use PCR Plastic?

What is PCR plastic?

The full name of PCR is Post-Consumer Recycled material, that is, the recycling of consumer plastics, such as PET, PE, PP, HDPE, etc., and then processing the plastic raw materials used to make new packaging materials. Recycling of waste plastics generated by consumer products such as lunch boxes, shampoo bottles, mineral water bottles, washing machine tubs, etc.

PCR plastic

Why use PCR plastic?

(1) PCR plastic is one of the important directions to reduce plastic pollution and contribute to “carbon neutrality.”
Since the invention of plastic, plastic products have undeniably brought great convenience to human beings. But the accompanying problem of plastic waste should not be underestimated. Humans generate about 30 million tons of plastic waste every year, of which 14.1 million tons are plastic packaging waste, and only a small part is properly disposed of. According to the data, the proportion of plastic recycling is only 14%, and most of them are downgraded recycling, and the effective recycling ratio is only 2% (data source: “Single-use plastics a roadmap for sustainability”). It can be seen that plastic recycling is still at a low level.

Using PCR plastic mixed with virgin plastic to make plastic products not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also reduces energy consumption and helps protect the environment.

(2) Using PCR plastics to further promote waste plastic recycling

The more people who use PCR plastics, the greater the demand, which will further improve the recycling of waste plastics and will gradually change the mode and commercial operation of waste plastics recycling, which means that fewer waste plastics go to landfills, incineration and exist in the natural environment.

(3) Policy promotion
At present, many countries in the world are enacting legislation to enforce the use of PCR plastics.


The use of PCR plastics will add a sense of responsibility to the brand to protect the environment, which will also become a highlight of brand promotion. In addition, with the increased awareness of consumers’ environmental protection, many consumers are also willing to pay for PCR-packaged products.


The following are some PCR series products of Somewang packaging. Welcome to consult ~ SOMEWANG looks forward to working with you to contribute to the protection of the environment.

somewang6 somewang7 somewang8

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