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New Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

As a means of realizing commodity value and use value, cosmetic packaging plays an important role in the fields of cosmetics circulation and consumption. In 2022, when the smart economy prevails, the informatization and intelligence of cosmetic packaging have been put on the agenda, and the demand for commodity economy and humanistic value is reflected in modern cosmetic packaging technology.

In people’s traditional expectations, cosmetic packaging is always about “face value”. The birth of each new product requires a beautiful coat. From color to pattern, brand designers need to make great efforts. In today’s consumer era, good-looking packaging does not seem to add points to products, but instead is more user-friendly design, such as intelligent packaging, and interactive packaging. It can be said that more “thinking” cosmetic packaging has gradually become one of the decisive factors for consumers to purchase.


Intelligent Packaging

New technologies such as robots, artificial AI, and the Internet of Things have been introduced by various industries, constantly promoting the effective upgrade of productivity and production models. In 2022, cosmetic packaging will also develop towards intelligent manufacturing.

What is intelligent packaging? The so-called intelligent packaging means that the coat of this product should be more transparent, which can provide consumers with information on the quality of the packaged food during circulation and storage. For example, the time and temperature are displayed on the packaging, the freshness is displayed on the packaging, and the packaging is displayed when the packaging leaks. In the bottle design of cosmetics, the capacity of the product should be clear at a glance. In recent years, opaque bottles have always been criticized. Cosmetics with insufficient net content of products is a hot spot of consumer complaints, and the core problem is that the packaging is “opaque”. A seemingly huge cosmetic bottle often has only a little product in it. And intelligent packaging is to realize the humanization and intelligent requirements of packaging, which is one of the trends of cosmetic packaging.

In addition, there are intelligent preservation technology, portable intelligent packaging technology, intelligent texture anti-counterfeiting technology, magnetic resonance radio frequency anti-counterfeiting identification technology, and information traceability scheme technology of cosmetic raw materials. With so many advanced intelligent technologies, the intelligent packaging of cosmetics can have a wider application space and provide consumers with the more powerful protection of interests, convenient services, and information assistance.

“Interactive” Product Packaging

Modern cosmetic packaging pays attention to “originality” and “novelty”. The ingenious and interesting interactive cosmetic packaging design makes it easy to make it stand out among the numerous cosmetics, strongly attract the audience’s attention, move the public’s heart, evoke A certain desire, and then achieve the purpose of information dissemination. The original functional packaging not only allows consumers to buy practical products, but also allows people to enjoy the joy and surprise of interaction, enriching people’s daily life.

The so-called interactive cosmetic packaging is to make interesting “interaction” between the packaging design of the product and consumers. Young consumers are not specific and will not only buy products in a certain channel. If you want to attract them, you can’t just look good, you have to have fun. This requires designers of brand packaging to open their minds, play with creative interactive paper packaging, and win the favor of the market.

Before designing, you have to understand a few things. In addition to the value of the cosmetic itself, how can the product’s outer packaging make consumers stay? For example, it can be used for other purposes: such as cosmetic storage racks, mobile phone racks, pen holders, mini flower pots, hand companions that can be placed on the desk, etc. How to make consumers interact with the brand through packaging? Is there enough reason for consumers to actively share and spread the word for you after the purchase behavior is over? Are consumers willing to continue to participate in other activities of the brand through some intelligent design on the cosmetic packaging? Will consumers be eager to make a second purchase because of the packaging design of cosmetics? Does the product’s packaging design have the effect of guiding consumers to join the brand’s private domain? There is a fun “interactive” experience when designing packaging that makes people fall in love with cosmetic packaging at first sight.

In short, in the future, the cosmetic packaging industry is bound to gradually realize the upgrading and transformation of intelligence and interaction. The graphic design elements of product packaging can convey the value of the product to consumers very intuitively. And creative cosmetic packaging can directly affect the psychology of consumers. Different countries, different genders, and people of different ages have different preferences for cosmetic packaging design. Whether intelligent packaging or interactive packaging, “original” and “novelty” brand design will enhance the value of the brand. Only by finding a new perspective and a new understanding of cosmetic packaging can companies have novel packaging performance and create unique performance methods.

Somewang will also spare no effort to create and develop more creative packaging, and look forward to brainstorming with different cosmetic companies to jointly create unique new packaging.

Somewang makes packaging easy.

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