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How to choose ABL Tube or PBL Tube?

At present, tubes have been widely used, mainly in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and cosmetic packaging. Composite hoses are mainly divided into Plastic Barrier Laminate(PBL)Tube and Aluminium Barrier Laminate(ABL)Tube.

So how to choose the right tube? Let us introduce their characteristics. You can choose the tube packaging that suits you according to the characteristics and needs of your products.


Features of ABL Tube:

1. Excellent barrier properties: The barrier properties of aluminum-plastic pipes are mainly provided by aluminum foil, which is non-toxic, tasteless, has excellent electrical conductivity and light-shielding properties, and has extremely high moisture resistance and gas barrier properties. Its barrier properties are incomparable and irreplaceable by any other polymer materials and vapor-deposited films. The perfect aluminum foil completely blocks gas, water vapor, and light.


2. Exquisite appearance: It has a very good-looking metallic luster, and you can choose a variety of colors.

3. All contents can be extruded and used without waste;

4. Excellent chemical resistance: When the composition of the content is unstable, the ABL Tube can better protect it.


5. Soft and durable.

Features of PBL Tube:

1. Excellent barrier performance: The barrier layer used in the all-plastic tube is a high-barrier plastic film.


2. Strong resilience – it can be restored to its original state after extrusion;

3. Exquisite appearance and printing: It can print very delicate patterns and photos, to improve consumers’ desire to buy.


4. It is very environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, which can better implement the concept of sustainable development, thereby enhancing the brand value and improving the loyalty of consumers to the brand.

In general, if you are looking for better chemical resistance, Somewang ABL Tube is recommended. If you pursue exquisite printing and environmental protection performance, we recommend you to use Somewang PBL Tube.

If you don’t know what packaging is suitable for your product, you are welcome to consult, and Somewang will give you the best recommendation!



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