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How should cosmetic packaging design be done?

The cosmetic industry has bright prospects, but high profits also make this industry relatively competitive. Cosmetic packaging is an important part of cosmetic brand building and has a great impact on the sales of cosmetics. So, how should cosmetic product packaging design be done?

  1. Material selection for cosmetic packaging design

Materials are the basis of cosmetic packaging, and the characteristics of materials should be comprehensively considered when choosing, such as transparency, ease of molding, protection of skin care products, cost, brand or product positioning, product characteristics, etc.

At present, the common cosmetic packaging materials mainly include plastic, glass and metal.

Generally speaking, low-end water lotions and face creams can be made of plastic, which has strong plasticity and has more possibilities in modeling, and is also more economical.

For high-end essences or creams, you can choose crystal clear glass, and use the texture of glass to create a higher-end feeling.

For skin care products with strong volatility, such as essential oils and sprays, it is necessary to choose metal materials with stronger barrier capabilities to water and oxygen to ensure the effectiveness of the products.

  1. Modeling design of cosmetic packaging design

The shape design of cosmetics needs to fully consider the shape of the cosmetics and the convenience of use, and then choose the most suitable shape. Generally speaking, for liquid or milky cosmetics, it is more suitable to choose bottle packaging; paste-like cans are easier to take; and powder or solid products such as loose powder and eye shadow are more often packaged in boxes. ; Cosmetics in trial size are most convenient and affordable in plastic bags.

Although the common shapes are mostly bottled, canned, boxed and bagged, the current technology is advanced, and it is more convenient to change the shape. Therefore, when designing, you can also make some creative or humanized designs according to the characteristics of cosmetics, making the brand more distinctive.

  1. The style design of cosmetic packaging design

Different consumers, of course, prefer different design styles. Therefore, when designing the packaging of cosmetics, we must first clarify the gender, age, work background, preferences, etc. of the target consumers. Then, according to their characteristics, choose the appropriate colors, fonts, graphics, etc. to design, so that when consumers see it, there is a feeling of “ah, this is it” and “I like it”.

  1. Strengthen the brand tonality of cosmetic packaging design

Unlike other industries, if there is no brand in the cosmetics industry, it is basically equivalent to no sales. Although everyone has a love for beauty, consumers who can spend more on cosmetics often have good education and income. Therefore, for this part of the consumer group, they will be more willing to spend on some well-known brand cosmetics.

This also means that cosmetic brands need to be recognized by more consumers, and must be well-known and recognizable. Therefore, when designing the packaging of cosmetics, we must pay attention to the expression of the elements and advantages of the brand, such as using specific colors, graphics, etc., to make the brand more recognizable, so as to leave a deep brand impression in the minds of consumers and help the brand. Gain a better advantage in the fierce market competition.

  1. Prominent product advantages of cosmetic packaging design

Product packaging is the best advertising space. In today’s environment where traffic is expensive and the industry is highly competitive, we need to make good use of packaging to carry out the most effective marketing to promote transactions. Specifically, we can refine the most valuable and attractive functions and selling points of our own cosmetics, and place them in a prominent position. In addition to text, it can also be expressed in color or graphics. For example, use blue or green to highlight the freshness of the product. Or add pictures of raw materials on the packaging to indicate that the product comes from nature, no additives, milder, etc.

It is worth noting that cosmetics, especially high-end cosmetics brands, pay attention to simple, high-end and atmospheric product packaging. Therefore, while highlighting the advantages of our products, we must not forget to pay attention to proportions. If there is too much information on the packaging, it will be too much.

The above is the suggestion on “how to do cosmetic packaging design”, I hope the above content can help you to a certain extent. Cosmetics design is a very professional thing, and it is best to be designed by a professional team. Somewang has more than 15 years of experience in packaging manufacturing and design, and has designed and manufactured unique packaging for many brands. As long as you need, Somewang is always ready to provide you with the most suitable design services.

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