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Design Inspiration for Somewang Jottle

Let me introduce the creative process of Somewang Jottle!

First of all, let me ask you a few questions. What does your imagined bottle look like? Then what does your imaginary jar look like? Conventionally, bottles and jars should look like this: a bottle refers to a container with a small opening and a large body with a neck; while a can refers to a container with a large opening and no neck.

So, the question is, is there a packaging container that is in between? Or is there a package that can combine the features and advantages of both?

Our product development department examines and studies most of the bottles and jars on the market in order to be able to manufacture a wide variety of packaging. They found that many packages on the market have various ingenious and novel ideas in printing, but lack a lot of creativity in shape. We watched these packages neatly displayed on the container, but there are few product packages that make people feel bright.

If you think about it carefully, it is not unreasonable for this phenomenon to occur. First of all, because many consumers have become accustomed to the inherent shape of the packaging. If you change their original packaging, will consumers like and get used to them? Secondly, if the packaging is changed, it will increase the production cost of the customer. With the original packaging, there is no need to make additional molds, which naturally saves the cost of developing and manufacturing new packaging.

But if we look at it from another angle, what will we find? How do we notice a product at first sight on a dazzling array of shelves? There is no doubt that the first is the shape of the package, and the second is the printed pattern. This is also the purpose of Somewang’s new packaging, hoping that the new packaging can attract consumers’ attention and bring greater benefits to customers.

In fact, for our factory, we can of course produce very common packaging, and for us, the cost is lower, and the risk is smaller. However, Somewang always believes that in any industry, only innovation can keep advancing, and only innovation can develop and grow. The purpose of Somewang is to consider customers, and to think about the needs of consumers from the perspective of customers. Somewang has never been afraid of trial and error, let alone spending time, energy, and money on the new packaging. Everything is in order to better serve customers.

In this way, even in the current epidemic situation and the economic environment is not good, we still insist on innovation! Thus, this new packaging – Jottle was born!

Somewang’s Jottle condenses the fancy of product developers, combining bottles and jars. Let’s redefine packaging together!

The meaning of Jottle, as the name implies, is Jar plus Bottle. But the packaging isn’t just bottles and jars in the traditional sense. Jottle seems to have a familiar feeling, but it is actually different from the other ordinary packaging. And this just makes Jottle stand out on a dazzling array of shelves, and consumers will not feel too strange to buy it. Naturally, more consumers will have more willingness to try this new packaging. And this is also the original intention of Somewang product R&D department to design this product: to pursue the uniqueness of the product, but it is easier to be accepted by people.

It is precisely because Jottle combines the characteristics of bottles and jars that its advantages are also prominent – compared with other ordinary packaging, Jottle can be used in a very wide range. Jottle can be applied to the filling of various formulas such as water, lotion, gel, essence, and face cream. Jottle can also be used with a variety of pump heads, suitable for a variety of different situations. For example, it can be used as skin care product packaging, as well as hand sanitizer bottles, shampoo bottles, hair conditioner bottles, body milk bottles, and so on. The scope of application of Jottle depends on your unlimited imagination of it.

Of course, Somewang can also provide packaging and printing design services, we have the most professional design team. After the customer places an order, they first communicate with the salesperson about the design requirements and provide the materials needed for the design, and then Somewang’s product designers will design a unique packaging and printing design for the customer. (Tips: Be sure to clarify your design requirements to avoid multiple invalid reworks due to inadequate communication.)

Hope this new packaging of Jottle is a beautiful achievement on Somewang’s road of innovation.

On this road of innovative packaging, we may pay a lot, but Somewang will continue to explore and advance, not only for ourselves, but also for better customer service.

We are Somewang Packaging, we make packaging easy!



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