Application of Antibacterial Plastic Bottles And Nano Materials

The use cycle of cosmetics, detergents and other products is generally long, During repeated use, bacteria tend to grow on the surface of the container, which affects the health of the user.

Therefore, the purpose of developing antibacterial plastic bottles is to inhibit the production of bacteria on the surface of the container.

After research and development, the inorganic metal antibacterial agent is uniformly dispersed in the blowing material, and the blow molding process is improved. The antibacterial plastic container produced has the characteristics of long antibacterial time, antibacterial effect and good antibacterial spectrum.

After testing, the product has an antibacterial rate of over 99%, and can be widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, detergents and medicines.

In addition, the addition of a certain proportion of nanomaterials to the raw materials of plastic containers can improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic containers, especially the barrier properties, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. The toughness has also been strengthened, while reducing a certain cost, the product is very competitive.


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