Advantages of in-mold Labeling

In-mold labeling technology has been used for a long time.

The production and application of in-mold label and in-mold labeling machine are very mature. In-mold label is a new label packaging form that is different from traditional label packaging. Traditional label packaging forms mainly include heat shrink label packaging and self-adhesive Compared with traditional label packaging, label packaging and direct screen printing label packaging have the advantages of in-mold labeling:

(1) Play an anti-counterfeiting role;
(2) Improve the product grade, the label color is more vivid, and the hand feel smooth;
(3) Simplify the production process and greatly improve the production efficiency;
(4) In-mold labeling products have strong practicability, low loss, and will not warp or break. They are also waterproof, oil-proof, acid and abrasion resistance. The label and the product can berecycled at the same time, which simplifies the regeneration process and takes care of Environmental protection.

At present, more and more cosmetics and detergent manufacturers choose in-mold labeling plastic bottles to package their products. The application of in-mold labeling technology in cosmetics, detergents, daily chemicals and other industries will become more and more widespread. More and more favored by consumers.

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