Face Cream Blue Jar, 40g

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Presenting our face cream blue jar, 40g, the premium solution for your packaging needs in the beauty and cosmetics industry.


This exclusive SWC-JP40AD face cream blue jar is meticulously designed with a capacity of 40 grams, offering ideal containment for various face cream products.

It is made from durable Polypropylene (PP) material, ensuring robustness and longevity while maintaining an attractive aesthetic.

Each jar features a refined, elegant blue design, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to quality. It is packed with utmost care in export cartons, facilitating secure and efficient transportation.

Additionally, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is set at 10,000 units, offering an excellent wholesale opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Our production lead time is 25-30 days, ensuring timely delivery to meet your inventory needs.

In short, trust this face cream blue jar to showcase your product with the highest standards of packaging design and functionality.


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