Напечатанная таможней сливк руки трубок металла косметическая упаковывая выжимает алюминиевую трубку

SOMEWANG’s custom-printed aluminum cosmetic packaging tubes are the perfect choice for brands looking for a high-end, durable, and eco-friendly packaging solution for their hand cream products.

Made from high-quality aluminum, these tubes offer several advantages over traditional plastic or glass packaging. The metal construction of these tubes provides excellent protection against external factors such as light, heat, and air exposure, which can compromise the quality and effectiveness of the product. The aluminum material is also highly durable, shatter-resistant, and can withstand impact, making it ideal for travel and shipping.

SOMEWANG offers custom printing options for these tubes, allowing brands to create a unique, eye-catching design that will help their products stand out on the shelves. The printing is done using high-quality inks that are resistant to fading, scratching, and peeling, ensuring that the design stays vibrant and attractive over time.

With a capacity of 30ml to 150ml, these custom-printed metal cosmetic packaging tubes are perfect for a wide range of hand cream products. They offer a sleek, modern, and luxurious look that will appeal to customers and enhance the overall branding and packaging of the product.



Минимальный заказ

10000 шт.

Время выполнения

15-25 дней


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