Pompa per lozione per il corpo, confezione cosmetica, dispenser con blocco interruttore

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Upgrade your product packaging with Somewang’s body lotion pump. Made from durable PP, this switch lock dispenser ensures controlled output and prevents spills

Our body lotion pump, Item No: SWC-LPP280XC, features a 24/410 neck size, making it a versatile choice for an array of bottle sizes.

Crafted from robust PP (Polypropylene), it guarantees enduring performance and longevity, ensuring your products offer a seamless user experience every time.

This dispenser stands out with its switch lock feature, adding an extra layer of security and preventing unwanted leakage or spills, making it ideal for travel-friendly products.

Besides, with an output of 2CC, it ensures controlled and consistent product dispensing, contributing to economical usage and satisfaction.

Each order is thoughtfully packed with 1000pcs per carton, measuring 58*38*33cm, providing ample stock for your packaging needs.

Further, at Somewang, we understand the importance of a product’s visual appeal. That’s why we offer customized options for this lotion pump.

Opt for our color-matching services to ensure your pump matches your brand aesthetic flawlessly. Or, choose our metalizing services to add a refined, metallic finish that will instantly elevate the perceived value of your product.

In short, trust us for your packaging needs and let our body lotion pump be the standout feature that distinguishes your product from the competition.



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