Barattolo rotondo in vetro smerigliato cosmetico trasparente da 50 ml

Unveil elegance in clarity with this 50ml round clear cosmetic packaging frosted glass jar, which is exquisite, customizable, and designed to display the quality of your product.

Exuding an air of elegance and sophistication, the jar’s clear frosted design is sure to captivate attention while showcasing the quality of your product.

It is crafted from superior glass, offering the perfect dimensions of D56.5*42mm, a convenient size that ensures easy handling and storage.

Its clear nature also allows you to appreciate the contents, boosting your confidence in your product.

Additionally, our clear cosmetic packaging jar is open to personalization, offering a multitude of customization options like color matching, silk screening, UV Spray Frosting, hot stamping, and metalizing.

Overall, contact us today and reinforce your brand’s uniqueness with it.

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Opzione personalizzata

1. Corrispondenza dei colori.
2. Screening di seta.
3. Glassa spray UV.
stampaggio 4.Hot.
5. Mentalizzazione.


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