एक्रिलिक कैंडी जार, अनोखे प्यारे जानवर के आकार के ढक्कन, 250 मिली क्लियर प्लास्टिक

नमूना: SWC-JT250KJ श्रेणियाँ: , ,

Presenting Somewang’s 250ml clear plastic acrylic candy jars with unique cute animal shape lids, a delightful and creative packaging solution for you.

These SWC-JT250KJ charming jars, boasting a capacity of 250ml and a convenient size of D57*H99mm, are perfect for various confections and small food items.

They are made with PET, a durable and clear plastic that ensures longevity while offering a full view of the enticing treats.

The cap, made from Polypropylene (PP), is designed in unique, cute animal shapes, making these jars an eye-catching addition to any shelf.

Moreover, we offer a variety of customization options. You can opt for color matching to adhere to your brand’s aesthetic, silk screening for an elevated appearance, UV spray frosting for a unique texture, hot stamping for a chic finish, or metalizing for an impressive, high-end look.

Overall, trust our acrylic candy jars to package your products with a blend of charm, functionality, and uniqueness that truly stands out.

समय सीमा

15-25 दिन


10000 पीसी

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