Bomba de espuma de 30 mm con cepillo de silicona para el cuidado facial

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Meet this 30mm foam pump with silicone brush, a revolutionary product in face care packaging solutions, delivering an unmatched user experience.

Originating from Zhejiang, China, this pump sprayer is expertly designed with a 0.4CC output and dispenses a rich, dense foam perfect for face care products.

The integrated silicone brush offers gentle exfoliation or massage, enhancing the product’s application and enriching the skincare routine.

Crafted from robust PP material, our 30mm foam pump with a silicone brush is designed for longevity, ensuring your products offer a seamless user experience from the first to the last.

Thoughtfully packed with 400 pieces per carton measuring 53*42*26cm, it offers a convenient stock solution for your packaging needs.

Additionally, at Somewang, we understand that your packaging must align with your brand’s identity.

Therefore, we offer color-matching services to ensure the foam pump perfectly matches your brand aesthetics.

For an added touch of luxury, consider our metalizing service, which lends a metallic sheen to the pump, enhancing its perceived value.

In short, trust us for your packaging needs and let this 30mm foam pump elevate your face care product to new heights of luxury and functionality.

Puerto FOB


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35 días


10000 piezas


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