Lotion Bottle VS Spray Bottle

Lotion bottles are bottles used for cosmetic lotion packaging. Lotion bottle packaging design should pay attention to the choice of material. What kind of material to choose needs to be considered first; secondly, what kind of product positioning to choose needs to be considered in the design process; in addition, the design of the lotion …

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Advantages of Aluminum Bottles

Aluminum Bottles are typically made through either an impact extrusion or deep drawing process, followed by additional necking and thread forming steps. Aluminum bottles have a minimalist look and are ideal for packaging lotions, perfumes and other cosmetic products. They are seamless and can be easily fitted with screw caps, plastic caps, lotion pumps and …

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replaceable airless bottle

Trends in Refillable Packaging

In recent years, the topic of ESG and sustainable development has been raised and discussed more and more. Especially with regard to the introduction of relevant policies such as carbon neutrality and plastic reduction, and the restrictions on the use of plastics in cosmetic regulations, the requirements for environmental protection by regulations and regulations are …

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